6th green April 1 2016

2016 Spring Status and course condition

The 2015-2016 winter has overall been quite mild in Ontario. We certainly didn’t see the volume of snow that the region is accustomed to. The owner of the club, Mike Feldman; our new Superintendent, Darwin Howard and myself Gail Burrows took a walk of the course earlier this week to examine the course conditions from the long winter rest. What we found was very great Spring conditions.

The course overwintered quite well. The regions climate make courses in the area susceptible to a disease called “Snow Mold”. This is a result of snow cover on the turf for extended periods of time and can be quite damaging. Courses apply products to the turf in the fall to help eliminate the risk of damage. Conditions must be ideal for application and the timing is critical. Darwin was able to apply the product at the ideal time last fall and the course showed minimal areas of snow mold.

For more information about Snow Mold click: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_mold


We have been planning some landscaping project for this spring and have been actively looking at improving our wedding ceremony sites. The club is improving daily and we are excited for opening day.


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