Golf in Schools

Golf is Hitting Schools in Parry Sound! St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School has just been sponsored by Seguin Valley Golf Club as part of the Golf in Schools program. As a result of this sponsorship St Peter will receive a Golf in Schools package valued at over $900 plus up to 3 school visits […]

Fundraising made simple

Fundraising Successfully with Golf

Did you know that in 2013 there were nearly 37,000 charitable events hosted at Canadian courses (25,000 in 2008). Using conservative estimates, these events raise more than $533 million ($473 million in 2008 dollars) for charitable causes across Canada. Golf is and continues to be a great driver for fundraising in the country. One of the […]

Associations at work

Business Associations and how they help

Business associations are a key part of the business of Golf today. Every sector of the business world has associations serving their industry needs and advocating for change. At Seguin Valley the management and owners are active members of a number of associations. How these associations benefit our business and what they are doing to […]

6th green April 1 2016

2016 Spring Status and course condition

The 2015-2016 winter has overall been quite mild in Ontario. We certainly didn’t see the volume of snow that the region is accustomed to. The owner of the club, Mike Feldman; our new Superintendent, Darwin Howard and myself Gail Burrows took a walk of the course earlier this week to examine the course conditions from […]

New Membership types for 2015

Yes! we are thrilled to announce our brand new membership offerings for 2015. The memberships are available at introductory pricing until late fall. Also, when you purchase your 2015 membership now you are able to start using it right away. What a great way to get the best value of your membership. We have re-formatted […]

Social Media Contest

Seguin Valley wants your best pictures! Everyone who golf’s at Seguin Valley comments about the 7th hole. Now, you can share your pics of the 7th to our twitter feed, instagram or facebook accounts and be entered in a chance to win a 4some of golf. Badgerroad on Instagram, @seguinvalley on twitter and Seguin Valley […]